Our Goal

To support teachers who want to incorporate quantum into their curriculum by providing resources, workshops, and mentoring.


Through partnerships with professional societies, businesses, schools, universities, and museums we have resources available for the classroom teacher that are both reliable and accurate.

Meet the Team

The stakeholders in the institutes and camps includes K-12 educators, quantum experts, research institutes, and professors. Some of the leadership team members are listed below.

Dr. Karen Jo Matsler is currently the Student Teacher Supervisor for UTeach @UT Arlington and will serve as the Principal Investigator for the Quantum for All project. She taught HS physics for most of her +35 yr. career, has been a K-12 Coordinator, provided professional development to thousands of teachers internationally

Dr. Ramon Lopez is Co-PI for the project and is Co-Director for the UTeach program as well as a UT Distinguished Teacher @ UT Arlington. He is a physics professor and researcher in Space Physics and science education.

This project is funded by the National Science Foundation